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There’s more to car branding than meets the eye

The car industry has a family tree more convoluted than the crowned heads of Europe. Quintessentially British brands like Rolls-Royce, Mini and Bentley are now owned and controlled by Germans, MG is run from Shanghai, and Jaguar, Land Rover and

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Turbo-Nutters Santa Pod 2005 Video

Santa Pod is the proving ground for many of the Turbo-Nutters wishing to prove how quick their trusty steed really is. I was very interested to see how quick my Rev.3 MR2 Turbo actually was down the strip and was

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Porsche 911 Turbo Vs. ZR1… Fight!

This automotive test from Motortrend pits the best of Americas Muscle, the ZR1 against “Zee German’s” autobahn destroyer, the Porsche 911 Turbo. Not only are they put through the usual 0-60 and quarter pounder mile but they have also been

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