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Tips to Cut Your Car Costs in 2014

Many of us rely on our cars, whether it’s for getting to work, taking the kids to school, shopping, or carrying out our hobbies. But cars aren’t cheap to run, and anything you can do to reduce the amount you spend on...

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The Most Economical Cars Available

With the rising cost of fuel and the call for green living, people are in the market for economical cars. Automakers know this and they have been glad to oblige. Most manufacturers are coming out with their own versions of fuel...

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Car Loans for Younger Drivers

There are encouraging signs that the economy is getting back on track with the Financial and Leasing Association (FSA) announcing that car loans from banks had increased 22% in 2012 from last year. That said, it is still...

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Infiniti Coupe: Best of Both Worlds?

The luxury sport coupe that isn’t quite a sports car and isn’t quite an upmarket sedan has gained popularity recently. While cars like the M and AMG have earned their weight in cash in European markets and Lexus has long enjoyed...

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