Running and enjoying performance cars has always been strewn with difficulties. Weather it be expensive repairs, fuel costs, maintenance costs, speed cameras or insurance premiums too often we are left wondering why we bother with these cars at all. There is an array of steps we can take help keep a firm grasp on our motoring expenses but unfortunately its the nature of the beast.

Maintenance bills for performance cars are high mainly due to the cost of the parts themselves. Often they are larger, more durable and of a better quality and specification than those for a standard car. Sourcing parts from main dealers is the most expensive way of obtaining your parts, so why not source them from a cost effective supplier. The Internet is full of model specific owners clubs and forums that have sections of their site specifically dedicated to selling parts. Those members upgrading or breaking their rides often choose to sell parts on these websites to ensure the parts stay within the community and are sold to trustworthy and reliable buyers. These parts often cost a fraction of those from the dealers and don’t have the issues that plague the OEM parts market.

Fuel prices are another bug bear for all but the richest of performance car owners and its isn’t going to get any cheaper soon. Changing your driving habits and style might just save you a fortune in fuel and also keep the points off your license. In the past few years the term Hypermiling has sprung up, put simply its about getting the most miles from your gallon. Taking on board just a few of the tips and techniques could have you upwards of 20% off your fuel bill and also help keep maintenance costs down.

Many performance car owners opt to run what is called a “daily”. This is a car used for the daily grind that keep the miles off the pride and joy waiting in the garage. Owning the second car can work out expensive but it means the wear and tear is put on something a lot less exotic, cheaper to run and maintain. Obviously you are doubling most of your motoring costs including insurance. Choosing an insurance provider that gives multi car insurance discounts is a great way of covering all your cars under the same roof and also cutting costs.

In hard times like theses its vital to keep your motoring costs down, running a fast car will never be cheap but you can certainly take steps to take the sting from its tail.