Many of us strive to make our vehicles more unique. For some, this could mean selecting a particular paint colour or other optional extras. And, for others, it could include “modifying” some parts of the car like the wheels or suspension.

The thing is, a lot of modifications can cause one’s insurance premium to increase. I’m not afraid to admit that some of those mods are just plain tacky. Alloy wheels with teddy bear shapes in the rims, anyone?


Let’s face it. You are reading this today because you want to customise your car with some tasteful mods. But, you might not know which ones are worth having. Check these fine examples out for size. You can apply them to any car, whether it be a hatchback or a hypercar:

Deep bodywork polishing

You might have spent a few hours every other weekend giving your car a wash and polish. The thing is; you just never seem to feel satisfied enough with the finish. Well, there is a reason for that!

If you’re after a better than showroom shine, you need to carry out deep bodywork polishing. It’s something you should get a detailer to conduct for you. That’s because a lot of time and specialist equipment gets used to achieve the right results.


Of course, deep bodywork polishing is a process that offers more than a mirror finish to any paint. It ensures your car has more protection on the road against insects and flying debris. Experts like Miracle Detail can make that happen for you.

Alloy wheels refurbished in Anthracite Grey

Most people know by now that changing the wheels on your car will affect your insurance premium. But, what if there was a way to improve your rims without affecting anything? The best way is to have your wheels refurbished and painted in a different colour.

As you can imagine, there are many colour options available out there. You could even opt for two-tone paint jobs if you wished! My recommendation? Go for an Anthracite Grey wheel refurb. They look classy on any vehicle and offer a premium look.

Private number plate

There was once a time where many motorists thought only the wealthy could get private plates. These days, sites like Plate Trader make it easy and affordable to get the perfect plate. What’s more, you need not spend a fortune to make your car that little bit more unique.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the value of many private plates can go up over time. You might even have someone that wants to buy your plate at any cost. Just because you share the same initials, for instance!

Chrome-plating engine parts

One final but quite tasteful change to make to your car is to add some chrome-plating to it! Sure, few people will look under the bonnet of your pride and joy. But, if you display your car at enthusiast events and shows, it’ll make all the difference!

You can have all kinds of metal engine parts chrome-plated. Examples include engine rocker covers, expansion tanks, pulleys, and more.