Wiper blades may seem like a fairly insignificant part of an automobile, functional yes, but hardly exciting. While this may be true their importance with regards to the appearance, functionality and ultimately safety of your car should not be underestimated.

It is estimated that in a single year a set of wiper blades will make more than one million wipes; cleaning enough windscreen to cover more than forty football pitches. For this reason it is advised that drivers replace their wipers blades on an annual basis. Here are the top five signs your wiper blades might need replaced:

  1. Marks on the Windscreen

There is a lot of grime slung at your car’s windshield throughout a journey. Grit, dust, bugs and bird droppings all affect the performance of your cars wiper blades and will result in streaky unpleasant marks that have the potential to obscure your vision, making driving unsafe. Normally using your windscreen washers in conjunction with you blades will remove any unappealing substances from your windscreen and wipers but, over time, substances such as bird poo, which contain corrosive chemicals, will damage your wiper blades permanently. This causes the blades to leave streaks more consistently and even risks permanent scratches.

  1. Ineffectiveness in bad weather

This is the most dangerous consequence of having dilapidated wipers. If your wiper blades are unable to lift sufficient water from your windscreen during a downpour then they must be replaced. Heavy rain won’t wait for you to get off the motorway or pull over somewhere safe so you have to know that, should the heavens open, your blades are up to the job.

  1. Noise

Everyone is familiar with that juddering sound window wipers can make as they screech across a windscreen. Many people mistakenly believe that this is due to the rubber part of the blade being to large but it is in fact the opposite that causes this. Weak, worn out blades cannot support the weight of the arm that holds them in place and the increased weight from the arm causes the rubber to make the noise it does. This is an audible sign that your wiper blades need replaced.

  1. Wind Lift

If the wind is lifting your wiper blades off the windscreen, even whilst driving at high speed, then they do not fit properly. Again this can be hazardous if it happens during adverse weather conditions.

  1. Aesthetics

Ill-fitting wiper blades look bad. Most car owners like to take pride in their automobile and allowing a part as cheap and easily replaceable as a wiper blade ruin its appearance is frankly ridiculous.