We’ve all heard that electric vehicles are better for us and the planet too and that basically, we should ALL own one, but why exactly is that? Is this the latest trend or game-changing and the future of all transport? 

At first, we were all intrigued about this new interest in electric vehicles, it seems too simple to work, but over time we’ve realised there are many benefits to owning and using these vehicles. Things take time to get used to, but did you know electric cars have been around since the 1800s? It’s just modern technology and the advancement of what we already had that has brought EVs like the Tesla and Nissan Leaf to our attention in recent years. 


One main reason that these cars are going to stay around is that overall, they are cheaper to run. It goes without saying that petrol (or gas) is significantly more expensive than electricity is currently. Of course, electricity isn’t free, but it is stable energy when it comes to prices. You never know what you’re going to pay per litre at the pump right now for petrol (or diesel), so electric energy has a real advantage for that reason. 

Another way EVs save users money, is by having less moving parts and emissions, less moving parts and oil means that servicing is minimal, and fewer emissions mean less tax, win-win! 

Health Benefits

Lower emissions also have some other obvious benefits for us humans, better air quality is something we are all striving for currently, and the environment is a big concern as well so having less pollution in the air is only a good thing. Less pollution-related illness are also expected with a reduction in emissions and, as an added bonus, these EVs have less noise pollution too since they are quiet when working. 


EVs have been proven to be safer in collisions due to naturally having a lower centre of gravity. Also, EVs have less flammable liquids in them so of course are less likely to catch fire, which is always a positive when thinking of the safety of you and your family! 

It’s also been noted that the construction of these vehicles is safer as well. Positives all around. Which reviews are also a great place to start when looking into vehicle testing and the safety of each one, but you’ll find EVs up there with the best of them. 



In the modern day of apps and easily accessible charging points, you can be confident that you won’t have any last-minute garage stops unexpectedly. An electric vehicle charging point installer can easily place a charging point at your home, and an app can tell you how close you are to the nearest charging point as well. You can simply plug it in when you get home and drive it away when you get up the next day. That’s pretty convenient if you think about it! 

So whether you are considering giving up fossil fuels to help save the planet, are concerned about the health risks involved with fuel-powered cars or have a financial and safety interest in EVs, you can find plenty of information from dealers, test drives are available, and reports are easily accessible too! 2020 looks pretty exciting with the release of the new Tesla Roadster, and plenty of other things to look forward to in the world of EVs.