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Watch the COPO Camaro run an 8 second quarter mile… out of the box

For those not familiar with the COPO Camaro, its Chevrolet’s answer to the awesome Ford Mustang Cobra jet and Mopar Challenger Drag Pak. These drag ready racers are prepared by the manufacturers with one thing in mind… the quarter mile. The COPO is

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Introducing the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R “Godzilla on Crack”

For some  jammy bast*rds people, owning a “stock” Nissan GT-R just doesn’t cut the mustard. Even with a trouser bulging 545BHP on tap there’s always room for more. If you are one of these lucky people then maybe you should speak to

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Turbo-Nutters Sutton Street Racing #2

For the record, we don’t condone driving like a tit on public roads… errr. I’ll just shut up and let you watch the damn video. You have been warned.

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Turbo-Nutters Santa Pod 2005 Video

Santa Pod is the proving ground for many of the Turbo-Nutters wishing to prove how quick their trusty steed really is. I was very interested to see how quick my Rev.3 MR2 Turbo actually was down the strip and was

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World’s Fastest Street Car destroys the quarter in 6.95 ET @ 209 mph… drives home.

A quarter mile in less than 7 seconds is a mean feat for any car let alone a 3,500 pound street legal 1966 Vauxhall Chevrolet Nova.  Larry Larson’s  Nova is propelled by a   twin-turbocharged 565 cubic-inch big-block Bowtie V8 with 

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Porsche 911 Turbo Vs. ZR1… Fight!

This automotive test from Motortrend pits the best of Americas Muscle, the ZR1 against “Zee German’s” autobahn destroyer, the Porsche 911 Turbo. Not only are they put through the usual 0-60 and quarter pounder mile but they have also been

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