Apart from regular maintenance or repair, a car needs to be cleaned and cared properly. Our online shop offers you a wide selection of various accessories for your car cleaning and care. The assortment of Onlinecarparts.co.uk includes the following:

  • Air fresheners. These are useful accessories, which will remove unpleasant odours from the cabin.
  • Car sponges for washing. They are made of a special porous material, which absorbs water well, and forms a large amount of foam.
  • Artificial or natural chamois is perfect for drying a washed car. It leaves no stains and streaks.
  • Detailing brushes. These brushes come with short or long bristle and help to clean even hard to reach areas and remove dirt and dust from them.
  • Ice scrapers. Such accessories are irreplaceable in winter. Ice scrapers help to remove ice and hard snow from your car windows. Do not use them on paint-and-lacquer coat.
  • Microfiber towels. As these towels are made of a highly absorbent and quick-drying material they come very handy for car exterior wash and dry.
  • Window squeegees. These plastic accessories have rubber blades similar to windscreen wiper blades. They remove water and dust from car windows well. Properly used squeegees leave no marks and streaks.
  • Products for polishing and waxing. They will help you to maintain the attractive appearance of your vehicle.
  • These products are designed for pressure washers.

If you want to keep your car clean – visit our online-shop and choose the best car care accessories for your car. If any questions appear – ask our experienced support service specialists. They know everything about keeping your car in the best condition.