The ability to travel to your chosen destination in your car is a great convenience, as well as being a pleasurable experience for most drivers. However, as all motorists will be aware, the second you start the engine and pull away from your parking spot, the chances of an accident are ever present. From other drivers to nearby pedestrians, many potential hazards and mishaps are waiting to happen.

We need to take responsibility for the way we drive our cars, otherwise, we could be the cause of an accident. Thankfully, technology has advanced over the years, making our driving experience safer. From alerting us to possible dangers, and managing the way we drive, here are some of the technologies and modifications available today.

  1. Adaptive headlights provide extra safety when driving at night on curved roads when visibility is reduced. These lights will illuminate the roadway ahead as the car turns, giving the driver a clearer view of the road.

    2. Adaptive cruise control goes beyond the facility of maintaining speed without the constant use of the accelerator. This next-generation update of the technology can sense the vehicles ahead, and will automatically adjust your car’s speed to keep you at a safer driving distance. Some systems will apply the brakes to slow your vehicle down before the possibility of a collision, and the need for whiplash claims.

    3. Automatic light systems will turn on your headlights before you reach for the switch. For example, when heading into a tunnel, the system will automatically turn on your headlights as you drive into the darkness and will turn them off again when you emerge out of the other end. While turning the lights on and off yourself isn’t a difficulty for you, at least you will be able to focus on your driving while the car takes care of your extra tasks.

    4. Automatic parking systems are a godsend for anybody who dreads the thought of navigating into tight parking spaces. By placing your vehicle in a position to park, the car will take over the steering and using multiple sensors, will detect any surrounding cars and obstacles in the way. You can sit back and relax, knowing your car is in control.

    5. Blind spots have always been a problem for even the most vigilant driver, but monitoring technology will now alert you to any unseen dangers through the use of backup alarms and cameras. With the use of audible, visual and tactile warning systems, you will be given a heads-up when another car is approaching.


6. Most fatalities on the road are caused by drunken drivers behind the wheel. Ignition interlock devices are designed to prevent this, sensing how much alcohol the driver has consumed, and preventing the car from starting if the blood alcohol content is over the limit. Similar technology has been added to the gear shift, sensing your alcohol intake through the palm of your hand, and giving you a verbal warning to stop driving.