There are hundreds of articles online that give advice about the best ways to decrease the cost of your car insurance. However, we wanted to tackle the issue from a different angle today. This post will discuss all the things that increase your vehicle insurance in an attempt to set the record straight. Once you understand that information, you should find yourself in the best position to keep prices down. At the end of the day, most companies charge over the odds for their policies. For that reason, you need to work hard to ensure you’re not getting ripped off. So, take the time to read these points, and then draw some conclusions about the actions you need to take.

Storing your car on the road

Firstly, it’s important to note that insurance companies will lower their prices if you keep your car in a safe place. They tend to inflate them if you leave your vehicle on the road overnight. That is because it’s much easier for someone to come along and steal it from the roadside. There is also a higher chance your vehicle will become involved in a smash. That is the case even if you’re tucked up in bed at the time. Another driver could crash into your car and cause lots of damage. So, don’t keep your car on the road if you want the best rates. Either use a private car park or a garage for the best results.

Choosing a large engine size

Unless you plan to drive on the autobahn in Germany, there is no need to select a car with a massive driving force. At the end of the day, you can only travel at 70 mph legally in the UK. The smallest engines can handle that, and so you should avoid large cars. All you are doing is adding money onto your insurance premium unnecessarily. That is a sure-fire way to increase prices and leave yourself broke. So, do yourself a favour and choose models with 1.0-litre or 1.2-litre engines. Anything bigger than that, and you’re wasting your money.



Getting involved in accidents

Insurance prices will always increase if you become involved in an accident. That is the case regardless of who was to blame. Slater Heelis are a personal injury solicitors based in Manchester. They tell their clients that it’s often possible to get compensation if the accident wasn’t their fault. They can then use that money to cover the increase in future insurance quotes. However, it sometimes takes months to get a payment. For that reason, it’s best to try to avoid accidents altogether. Drive safe, and never go out on the roads when you’re under the influence.

Now you know about some of the most important things that increase your insurance premium, we hope you will make the right moves. It’s all about making sure you avoid those instances and keep prices as low as possible. You can also ensure you get the best rates by using comparison websites at the end of each twelve month period. Use that information to make even more savings.