Your car is your pride and joy but when people see you driving down the street, you look just the same as everybody else with the same model. There’s nothing unique about the car when it comes off the factory floor, even if you pay for all of the added extras. When you buy a used car, somebody else has already put their stamp on it  If you want to stand out from the crowd and be individual, here are some great ways to personalize your car and make it unique.

Personalized Number Plates

When you see personalized number plates, you probably assume that the person driving the car is loaded because those things cost loads of money, but that’s not true. They used to be really expensive but these days they’re actually pretty easy to get. Read about plates and find out how to apply for one and you’ll be surprised at just how simple and cost effective it is. Having your own personalized number plate makes the car unique but it also helps with identifying it. Most people remember their own number but if you’ve got a terrible memory and you’re prone to forgetting, it’ll make things so much easier. You aren’t going to forget your own name after all. A personalized number plate makes your car safer as well because thieves are less inclined to steal a car that has such an easily recognizable feature on it.

Change The Horn

There’s nothing more annoying than the sound of a car horn, especially if some joker in a traffic jam is constantly hitting it. If you’re fed up with the sound of your own horn, you can change it to something a little more interesting that nobody else has. The dukes of hazzard horn is the classic novelty horn but you’ve got pretty much endless options really. Whatever sound you want, you can change your horn to it.

Custom Seat Covers

Changing the interior of your car is pretty expensive and if you get it done at the factory, you’re just going to get another variation that loads of other people have. If you want to do it cheaper and get something that is truly unique to you, you can get some custom made seat covers put on. You’ll get to choose the color and the design and they’ll make them up for you, it’s up to you what you put on there so go crazy with it.


Window Decals

Tinting the windows on your car is a pretty cool way to update the look but again, it’s going to cost you a lot and you’ll have to leave your car in a garage for a couple of days as well. If you want to get the same effect, just use window decals instead. You can buy them cheap and put them on yourself but be careful, if you do it wrong you’ll end up with a load of air bubbles on your windows that make it look terrible.

Customizing your car and making it unique doesn’t have to be expensive, just use these cheap alternatives instead.