It’s not always easy to keep up with what you can and can’t legally do on the road. However, you could get caught out and end up with a penalty if you’re unaware. Before you next get in your car, take note of these actions that you might not realise are illegal.

Using Mobile Payments at the Drive-thru

Mobile payments are getting more and more common. They’re really convenient, allowing you simply to flash your phone. However, before you get your phone out at the drive-thru, be careful to do the right thing. GMP Traffic says it’s ok if your engine is off and handbrake on, but not if your engine is running.

Playing Really Loud Music

We all love to play our favorite tunes while we’re in the car. It stops driving being boring. But make sure that you’re considerate of others and don’t play it too loud. You could get in trouble be anti-social behaviour if you crank the volume up to 11.

Driving Hungover

If you can muster up the energy to get into your car with a hangover, think twice before you get on the road. If you’re still drunk from the night before, you could be in big trouble. No one wants a drink driving charge, but you especially don’t want to cause an accident.

Taking Prescription Meds

Prescription medications might be sanctioned by your doctor, but that doesn’t mean they’re compatible with driving. You could face a drug driving charge for driving while taking some medications. Ask your doctor if you’re unsure.

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