Choosing a motorhome is an exciting purchase, a fun recreational vehicle to explore with and make memories. If you’re never bought a motorhome before you may be wondering where you should start? Here are a few key considerations to get you going.

1 . Should I buy a new or used motorhome?

The decision to buy a used or new motor home really depends on your preferences and budget. A new motor home can often be customized to your needs, (whether that’s equipment or vehicle trim). New motorhomes are a great choice if you’re looking for a long warranty, and that luxury feel!

There are lots of advantages to buying a used motorhome, for starters you’ll save yourself plenty of money. Plenty of second-hand motorhomes are in fantastic condition, and incredibly reliable. If you’re looking for a vehicle that doesn’t have many miles on the clock you’ll be able to find one! Even if you don’t get a great warranty, you can get a good motorhome insurance policy to protect yourself.

  1. Which motor home features do I need?

Motor homes come with plenty of different features, a few of the most common motorhome features are beds, seating, kitchen appliances, a bathroom, entertainment systems, air con, slide outs, and water tanks. 

Before you choose your motorhome, think about how many seats and beds you’re realistically going to need. There’s no need in purchasing a huge motorhome if you’re only going to be traveling as a couple or solo.

  1. What’s my budget?

It’s incredibly important to think about your budget before you go motorhome shopping. You’ll want to research a few models and the market price, and you’ll also want to factor in your maintenance costs, insurance and fuel, so you know what to expect. If you’re looking for a motorhome for sale you can pick up a quality used motorhome for just under £19,000.

  1. How can I find the best insurance options?

To find the best insurance options it’s best to shop around, compare prices and look for any discounts that you may be eligible for. There are several types of motorhome insurance that you might look into, including:

1 . Third-Party: This means basic cover, it will protect you should you injure someone on the roads, or damage their vehicle.

  1. Third-Party Including Stolen Vehicles & Fire: It offers the same protection as third parties plus you’ll be covered if your vehicle is damaged by fire, or stolen.
  2. Comprehensive: This type of insurance covers all of the above instances, plus you’ll be covered if your motorhome gets destroyed, (and you are not to blame).

Choosing your motorhome

With the help of these pointers, you’ll choose a motorhome that’s right for you. Remember, it’s always better to test drive if you can. Take your time when making this decision, and compare a few different motorhomes. Whether you’re maintaining your camper van or choosing a motorhome it’s helpful to do plenty of research.