We are always responsible for ourselves when we take the risk of stepping into a car. The way that we respond to situations around us is important when we are on the road, especially, as our reactions and responses can dictate whether we are safe or not. However, there are times where the actions of other people can make us fearful of driving – at all.

There are some situations on the road like accidents, where you would need an aggressive personal injury attorney to work on your side. An accident alone can make you afraid of being on the road at all because the flashbacks and fear of another accident can prevent you from going back out there. There are other reasons that you could find yourself fearful of driving, and some of these are:

  1. Being constantly cut off by other drivers, adapting a ‘flinch’ to other people on the road.
  2. Being pulled over by someone who isn’t a police officer.
  3. Feeling threatened by other drivers on the road.
  4. Being tailgated.
  5. Having a passenger criticise your ability to drive.

Each of these scenarios can breed a nervous anxiety in you and it’s this that will make you a driver that is on edge and worried on the road. The important thing is to overcome your fear, even if it is caused by other people. All your fears are totally valid, but if you are allowing the actions of others to dictate your emotions, then there is a problem. It isn’t easy to overcome fears that are caused by others, but it can be done. If you are being cut off by other people or tailgated by other drivers, you shouldn’t retaliate or do it back. You should aim to stay on the road and continue in your journey without consequence.

You should never give into road rage where possible, because it can cloud your judgement and the way that you behave as you drive. If you are at a stoplight and someone approaches you, it’s smart to keep the windows closed and the doors locked in your car. If you find yourself pulled over by an officer, do not stop unless you see blue lights and you can see it’s a police car. The person getting out of the vehicle should also be in full uniform – if this is the case, you can pull over safely. Never stop if you feel unsafe – it’s just not worth your peace of mind or your safety.

The best advice that you can get is not to panic. Driving is a privilege but you can’t always guarantee the etiquette of others on the road. It’s important to pay attention to the world around you but that doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of being out there. You have just as much right to be on the road as any other driver and once you realise this, you can let go of your fear and be the best driver that you can be.