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Which Buying Option Best Suits You?

If you think buying a car is an easy decision, then you need to think again. From the means in which you are going to get your hands on that dream car of yours to calculating the running costs, all

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Buying New? Don’t Forget These Three Things

Putting down money for anything is a big decision. One that involved a lot of weighing up of risks and rewards. And there are very few purchases that are as significant as a new car. Say you’ve decided that your

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Buying New v. Used Car – Things to Consider

When buying a car, the very first question everybody asks is: New or used? Buying a new car has its advantages. It is more reliable and could even prove to be a better long term solution financially speaking. And of

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There’s more to car branding than meets the eye

The car industry has a family tree more convoluted than the crowned heads of Europe. Quintessentially British brands like Rolls-Royce, Mini and Bentley are now owned and controlled by Germans, MG is run from Shanghai, and Jaguar, Land Rover and

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