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Introducing the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R “Godzilla on Crack”

For some  jammy bast*rds people, owning a “stock” Nissan GT-R just doesn’t cut the mustard. Even with a trouser bulging 545BHP on tap there’s always room for more. If you are one of these lucky people then maybe you should speak to

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Cutting the cost of performance motoring

Running and enjoying performance cars has always been strewn with difficulties. Weather it be expensive repairs, fuel costs, maintenance costs, speed cameras or insurance premiums too often we are left wondering why we bother with these cars at all. There is an

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Autocar puts the 911, Merc SLS, Lexus LFA and GTR in a head to head battle

Its not exactally got the production values of Top Gear but just listen to some of these automotive materpieces rattle down the run way. Which of the various mega-horsepower supercars is the fastest of all? We pit the Mercedes SLS

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