Hello, my name is Karl. I watch too much YouTube.

Rewind a couple of yeara and my only interest in YouTube was looking for cute cat videos and how to repair a cracked iPhone screen. These days, I could literally fill all my free time by watching the latest videos from my subbed automotive channels.

With this in mind, we’ll be putting together a weekly post highlighting who we’re watching this week. Our first article is dedicated to one of my most favourite channels. The BoostedBoiz.

Headed up by Kyle, the channel covers his passion for turbo hondas with a close-knit group of friends who live and breathe all things boosted. I’ve been following their videos from the very early days, the 700BHP EK civic hatch all the way to HondaRu and their recent partnership with the guys at PFI speed. I commend them for their positive attitudes and what has proved to be some epic and in-depth builds. The re-introduction of the MR2 turbo sporting a K20 Honda engine capable of over 1000BHP has me hooked. If you know me, you’ll know that I have a real soft spot for the humble Mk2 MR2, even if I nearly killed myself after importing my first turbo within 11 days.

Their recent move into their own “shop” with PFI speed is going to mean some epic builds coming up and with the backup of Bent and his team @ PFI – the sky is the limit. They really have upped their game.

Check out the BoostedBoiz Channel and enjoy.


Who are you hooked on?

I’m always looking for new channel suggestions to help fill even more of my spare time, even though I should be working. Let us know who you’re watching in the comments below.