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Bugatti smashes 300MPH, sparks a top speed arms race

304.774 MPH… H – O – L – Y    S –  H  –  !  –  That’s not just fast, its f’ing crazy. its not just about pushing 3000BHP monsters down a track… This is a production car, with a

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Can you make money from number plates?

When you think of a number plate then chances are that you will automatically think that they are just a way to identify your car. Or, if you fancy going for a personalised number plate, make it unique and personal

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How to scrap an old car

If your car has been sat on your drive rusting away, you may be considering the different ways you can get rid of it, and maybe make a bit of cash out of it too. If your vehicle is old,

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Car care products

Apart from regular maintenance or repair, a car needs to be cleaned and cared properly. Our online shop offers you a wide selection of various accessories for your car cleaning and care. The assortment of includes the following: Air

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Why Most First Time Car Buyers End Up With A Car They Hate

Did you know that a lot of first time buyers actually end up with a car that they hate? Here, we’re going to take a look at why this happens and what you can do to avoid doing it yourself!

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Huge Mistakes First-Time Car Buyers Make

There is no feeling quite like buying your first car. After the long hours of hard work you put into passing your test, a vehicle of your own truly is the best reward. The process of shopping for a car

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The Car Myths You Can Afford To Ignore

People are quick to give out advice when it comes to cars. Whether you are in the market for a new vehicle or you need to carry out some essential maintenance, you will find that a lot of people will

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How To Turn Your Driving Machine Into A Money-Making Machine

Cars: They’re expensive, right? Despite your attempts to keep costs down when buying, you will inevitably face a mass of expenses after purchase. Insurance? Fuel? Repairs? MOT costs? They all mount up, and as frugal as you possibly are, you

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EVs and Why We Need Them

We’ve all heard that electric vehicles are better for us and the planet too and that basically, we should ALL own one, but why exactly is that? Is this the latest trend or game-changing and the future of all transport? 

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Getting Your Car Ready For Winter Now

Winter will soon be here again, and this is a time of year where people make long journeys to see loved ones. It is also around now that the mercury tends to plummet and the cold weather can play havoc

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