Damage and dirt on your windscreen can be dangerous as it can reduce your vision while driving. By maintaining your windshield properly, you can keep your vehicle safe. Below are some of the common mistakes vehicle owners make when maintaining their windscreen. 

Ignoring a chip/crack

Tiny chips and cracks may not seem like a big deal, but they will grow over time. If repaired early, they can usually be cheaply filled with resin. If left too late, you may have no option but to have the entire windshield replaced – which can cost a lot more money. There are companies that offer mobile windscreen repairs that can fix your windscreen wherever you are. Look into these companies – it is best not to continue driving your vehicle as the added stress of driving could increase the cracks. 

Wiping with a dry cloth

It is important to use a wet cloth when cleaning your windshield and to ideally soak your windscreen beforehand. Using a dry cloth on a dry windshield could cause cracks. This is because your windshield could have tiny rock particles on it – when moisture is applied these will usually loosen up, but without moisture you are likely to simply rub them into the glass. Make sure to similarly avoid using brushes or hard sponges. 

Using household window cleaner

Many of us don’t think twice about using a regular window cleaner on a windshield. After all, it is a window, right? The problem with household window cleaner is that it streaks, which can make visibility worse. It also contains ammonia, which could affect any tint on your car windows. This is why you should only use specialist window cleaners designed for windshields. 

Washing with cold water on a hot day

If it’s a hot day, avoid throwing cold water on your windscreen. The windshield will be hot and the sudden temperature change could cause the windshield to crack. Using warm water to clean your windshield on a hot day will prevent this.

Defrosting your windows with boiling water

Similarly, pouring boiling hot water onto a cold window will cause cracks to appear. If your windscreen is frosted up and you want to quickly melt the ice, use a de-icer spray. This will loosen up the ice without heating up your windscreen.

Not topping up windscreen washer fluid

Letting window washer fluid run out could make driving dangerous. Your windscreen wipers won’t be able to remove any stubborn dirt without some windscreen washer fluid on them, which could reduce your vision. It’s worth regularly checking your car’s fluids and topping them all up before they run dry. 

Not replacing worn windscreen wipers

Once windscreen wipers become worn, they can also stop cleaning your windscreen effectively. This could result in poor vision when it is raining. Worn windscreen wipers may even damage your windscreen, so it’s a good idea to replace them once you notice the rubber starting to wear away.