Those of us who are into cars, and especially those of us who collect them, may well one day find ourselves looking at an old rust bucket we planned to restore, or that we picked up for a bargain, and wondering whether it is fit for anything but the scrap heap.

It can be hard to work out whether a car still has any life in it, or if it would be better off being sold for scrap, right? But here are a few things that could make the decision a little simpler:

The Pros:

Cash in Your Pocket: Scrapping can be surprisingly lucrative. Depending on the state of your car, you might get a tidy sum to put towards something newer, shinier, and less likely to break down on the M25. Of course, before you go down the scrap route, it is always worth looking at companies like this Cotswold car broker to see if you might be able to make a few quid selling it as is, instead, and who knows, you might even be able to find a private buyer who will pay more than scrap to take it off your hands, too.

Space, Glorious Space: Getting rid of a car that’s seen better days frees up space in your driveway for something else, like a new car or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, an elaborate topiary garden. So, if it’s starting to annoy you that your vehicle is always in the way, it’s a clear sign to let go of it and improve your life.

No More Hunting or Parts: If your car is sat rotting in the garage because you are finding it impossible to get the parts you need to bring it back to life, that’s a clear sign that the scrap heap would be the best place for it.

You’re Getting Complaints: If everyone from your neighbours to your partner are complaining about the car and it’s general unsightliness, then it’s a sign that it has past the point of no return and you might as well cash in with scrap.

The Cons:

Emotional Attachment: Let’s be totally honest, cars are more than just the things we use to get around; they’re something we love and enjoy for their aesthetics and sentimentality too. So, it goes without saying that scrapping can feel like bidding farewell to a loyal companion, complete with a montage of shared memories.

The Hassle Factor: Finding the right place to scrap your car can be a bit of a faff at the best of times, so you need to factor in your will to do so, but, of course, this is where car brokers can come into play, acting as the middlemen in the scrapping symphony. They can help smooth the process, but it’s still another thing on your to-do list.

The Unknown: What if you scrap your car and then immediately experience buyer’s (or in this case, seller’s) remorse? The grass always seems greener, especially when you’re squinting at it through the bus window on your way to work. So be sure before you make a move!

To scrap or not to scrap? Only you can decide, but hopefully, the hints and tips above will help you come to the right decision about that one auto that seems hopeless!