Whether it’s a luxurious event, a formal meeting with a prestigious client, or a romantic date, there’s nothing quite like arriving on board of a luxurious ride. But affording and maintaining a premium car isn’t within everyone’s reach – and, even if your budget stretches that far, you may just not want to use up your savings to buy another car!

Fortunately, there’s more than one option to travel in style without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll look at a few strategies that allow you to strike a stellar first impression on any occasion – at a fraction of the cost! Engine on!

Executive Car Rentals: Rent An Impressive Ride 

One of the simplest and more straightforward solutions to ride in style while having full control over how much you’ll spend is to find a trustworthy executive car rental company to partner with. Once you have a reliable service provider, you’ll be able to choose your ride in a fleet of executive vehicles, which are always clean, perfectly maintained, and looked after. So, you can craft a great first impression without having to buy a new car yourself! 

Rock Those Vintage Vibes 

Another option is to bring out of the garage your vintage car! Renovating an old, classic car – even if it wasn’t considered luxurious at the time – can add a unique edge to your overall look and first impression. After all, there’s nothing quite as charming as driving an antique auto!

If you don’t have a vintage car that’s been passed down through generations, you may consider buying a classic vehicle and start a collection. Sure, this move requires some funds, but investing in classic cars can yield significant returns!

Hitch A Pre-Owned Luxury Ride

If you have frequent important meetings or formal occasions to attend, you may consider investing in your own luxury ride. To avoid breaking the bank and keep your savings unscathed, consider the benefits of opting for a second-hand luxury car.

Save On Maintenance With An Electric Car 

Another great option is to invest in a luxury car while decreasing the costs related to maintenance. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the average cost of fueling an EV (electric vehicle) is $485 a year, which is a lot lower than the $1,117 required to run a gas-powered vehicle. Due to the lighter impact on the environment of EVs, governments have also put in place incentives to make them more affordable – which makes them a great investment for those looking to upgrade their vehicles!

Consider Fractional Ownership And Auto Timesharing: Big Style, Small Investment

Last but not least, you may consider the benefits of fractional ownership or auto timesharing. Although this option isn’t well-known yet, there are specialized companies that allow you to purchase premium vehicles in partnership with other investors – just like you’d do with a real estate property! Thanks to new initiatives – such as the one launched by DuPont Registry – allows you to experience the thrill of owning an exotic or rare vehicle at a fraction of its cost!

Set Off On A Luxurious Road Trip On A Budget 

Now that you have all the options at hand, be sure to take into account your finances to understand the best way for you to travel in style – but without compromising on budget!