The electric car entered the market in the 90’s as a weird dream for scientists and eco-friendly nuts, desperate to make the car industry green. Unfortunately the first electric cars weren’t all that impressive. Their mileage was limited, their charging took forever and to be honest, they weren’t even that green. The amount of energy it took to power the first electric car could very easily have lit up an average sized house. But all that has changed and the latest electric cars can not be dismissed so easily.

They’re Fast

Do you want your electric car to feel super? It will and the latest fully electric cars on the market are unstoppable. The new Tesla roadster has an acceleration of four seconds and that easily rivals most of the supercars on the market whether you want a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

They Travel For Miles

We’re long past the days where an electric car could only be used around the city and couldn’t go more than twenty miles without a recharge. Now, you can take your car for a two hundred mile trip on one charge. That’s quite impressive and is close to what you can do in an average car without stopping for fuel.


They Are The Future

You might think that any day now a new tech is going to be developed that will knock the electric car out of the running completely. We don’t see it happening, the electric car is here to stay and any never tech will only be an evolution of the idea that already exists. If you’re interested in finding more out about these electric vehicles, check out this infographic.

Created by Intelligent Car Leasing