1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Limousine

For some of us, the real value of a car isn’t in the fuel economy, how quickly it can do nought to sixty, the infotainment system or any other techy gimmicks. For classic car nuts, it’s all about the aesthetic beauty, the technical capabilities relative to the year, and a general sense of nostalgia, even if you’re only just old enough to drive! If you’d take a Phantom III over a Veyron any day, and you’re thinking of finally buying a classic car, here are some tips for protecting it.

Keep it Consistently Clean

Before you take your classic car out anywhere, treat it to a thorough handwashing. Even if you’re only going to actually drive it once in a blue moon, and it will spend most of the year sitting in your garage, it’s important to stick to a regular cleaning cycle, and do everything possible to keep salt, grime, and any other contaminants from marring its moving parts. Furthermore, if the model is pre-1950s, I’d recommend avoiding any long journeys at all. If you want to take it to a show, look into some antique car transport.

Don’t Forget to Wax!

After every time you clean your classic car, it’s important to follow up with some waxing, and do all you can to make that gorgeous paint job shine. Make sure you’re buying a good quality of wax by getting on some forums or attending shows to ask for recommendations. Getting some chrome polish for the trims is also a good idea. Make sure you do this at least once every six months to keep your ride looking beautiful and doing its badge justice!


Inside and Out

Washing and waxing the exterior of your classic car is essential, but unfortunately, it’s only half the battle. The interior is going to have just as much of an impact on the overall aesthetic beauty, so make sure you’re paying it just as much attention. Find some advice on caring for your exact model, and pin down the best products for protecting the leather and vinyl from sun damage and any stains. Stock up on leather creams, UV blockers, and vinyl cleaners to ensure the interior stays in a great condition.

Don’t, I repeat DON’T Forget Oil Changes

Sure, a cleaned and waxed classic car looks impressive simply sitting in a parking lot. However, the engine and overall ride are what’s really going to make people look! Making your baby growl into life and taking it out on the road is certainly satisfying, but if you’re not keeping up on oil and fluid changes, the engine won’t last you nearly as long as it should.

Pump the Brakes

Just like the engine, the brakes on your classic car aren’t going to be quite like it used to be. I’m sure you’d rather pull up to a red light with a smooth, graceful halt, rather than a piercing squeal which will make even supermini drivers laugh! Maintain the brakes, and pump them regularly to keep them working beautifully.