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Shopping around for your car insurance is never an enjoyable task. However by putting in a little time and effort you could save yourself a small fortune covering your car. Here are five simple ways you can help reduce your car insurance costs and even benefit from getting a few optional extras at the same time.

1. Save Money on Your Premium
You may have spent a considerable amount of time gathering car insurance rate estimates the last time you purchased an insurance policy, and you may believe that you have the lowest premium possible. However, various factors that affect insurance rates change over time. Some of these factors include your car’s value, your age and your driving history. By comparing rates and getting new quotes at each renewal you could save some serious cash on your cover.

2. Update Your Cover
Your insurance cover requirement can change over time, and shopping for new car insurance gives you the perfect opportunity to update or change your policy. For example, you may have a comprehensive policy today, but if the value of your vehicle has declined significantly it might be time to change to 3rd party protection.

3. Adjust Optional Cover
Your needs for optional cover may have also changed since the last time you shopped around for your car insurance. Optional cover may include car breakdown cover, key protection and legal protection to name but a few. Choosing these options could save you money compared to buying the protection from individual providers.

4. Adjust Your Excess
Your excess amount has a direct connection with the amount you pay for your policy and in most cases you can choose the amount payable. To keep your premium costs down, it’s worth considering making your excess as high as you can comfortably afford to pay. But remember that the excess amount is due when you file a claim.

5. Use an Online Application Discount
On a final note, consider the cost benefits you can enjoy by choosing to buy online. Many providers offer a wealth of discounts when you take out cover via their website.

By considering the above you could save yourself a small fortune when it comes to choosing your car insurance provider. Shopping around and getting the right cover might take a little longer but the benefits could go further than simply lightening the load on your wallet.

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