If you’re a car fanatic, then you want to spend as much time in or around cars, and that’s just how it goes! If you enjoy everything about the world of automobiles, then rest assured there is more to do in it than just driving your car to and from work every day. Here are four things out of the ordinary to do that will get every petrolhead excited.

Going on a road trip

If you’re a keen traveller, or even if you’re not, going on an epic road trip would be an amazing adventure for any potential petrol heads, simply because of the amount of time that will be spent on the road! For anybody that would love spending days, if not weeks, behind the wheel or just being in a car, as it crosses continents and coasts through cities, then a road trip is for you.

Having track day

Going on a track allows you the chance to do everything you want to do that would normally be considered highly illegal. Whether it’s hitting speeds that you’ve never been able to hit or learning to drift, track days are made for those of you who want to break the mould of normality behind the wheel in a safe and controlled environment. Driving a lap of the Nürburgring race track circuit is one that is especially recommended. Either take your own ride, or rent out a performance car for a few laps of The Green Hell. It’s imposing, terrifying, and incredible fun, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to drive a supercar. However, wherever you do it, doing a track day is definitely a thrill that every petrolhead has to experience.

Being professionally chauffeured

Sometimes, it’s time to slow it down. Although the idea of not being behind the wheel may not seem all that exciting a prospect, being professionally chauffeured by luxury car specialists really is an experience to try. For one, you will more than likely be inside of a car of real quality and vintage, which is always good, right? As well as this, you’ll be able to take in everything of the scenery you pass, which isn’t something you’re always able to do when you’re the driver. Also, because you’re not driving for once, you’ll actually be able to have fun and not be the designated driver!

Diagnose and fix a problem on your car without help

Want to impress your friends who don’t have a mechanical bone in their body? You know the ones: the ones that can’t even raise their vehicle’s bonnet let alone tell their screen wash from their oil pressure and should really check out some car basics. Showing them that you know both absolutely everything about the performance of any given car, and what can be found under it’s bonnet, will definitely impress them. More importantly, however, it will impress yourself!

So, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole load of car related activities to do out there, and there’s a whole world of roads that you are still yet to travel! One thing to remember before setting out on any adventures in your car however: make sure you have enough petrol in the tank.