If you have decided that the time has come to replace your old car then you may be thinking about going down a more eco-friendly route. Times are changing, the world is becoming a more eco-friendly place, therefore it makes sense to invest in a more eco-friendly car, and for that an electric car is the answer.

Of course, for many drivers, such as yourself, electric cars are a whole new concept, which can mean getting your head around them is a little tricky. Before you invest in an electric car, you probably have a range of questions that you want to ask.

Bearing that in mind, below is a guide to the pros and cons of electric cars – hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to decide whether an electric car is a good choice for you.

What are the pros of electric cars?

Quiet and fast

Electric powered cars offer an improved quality of ride to regular cars – this is something that you will notice after just one ride in an electric car. What’s great about electric cars is that they are very smooth to drive and that they run very quietly – they make regular cars seem loud and extremely outdated. What a lot of people are surprised by is how powerful they are – they’re just as powerful as regular cars, which means that unless you want to end up in a car accident, needing to call The Florida Law Group for advice, it’s important to drive safely and to control your speed.


Picture this: your car begins to run out of fuel but you don’t have to make a trip to the gas station as you can simply recharger it – how amazing is that? You simply pull onto your driveway, plug your car in and allow your car to charge. What’s great about car charging is the fact that most electric cars can run for 80 to 100 miles on just one charge. If you need to top up your car’s charge while on a journey, a large number of garages now offer electric charging ports especially for cars.

Cheaper to run

Another benefit of electric cars is the fact that they are cheaper to operate than traditional cars. Electricity is far cheaper to use to power your car than traditional fuel, which is what makes electric cars far cheaper and more cost-effective to run.

What are the cons of electric cars?

Take time to recharge

One of the cons of electric cars is the fact that they can take quite a while to recharge, which can make long journeys a little tricky to naviagte. However, if you map out your journeys so that you can eat or sleep while your car is charging, this makes travelling long distance in an electric car far easier.

Lack of choice

Another issue with electric cars is the fact that there is a lack of consumer choice. Currently, as electric cars are relatively new to the market, there are only 40 or 50 models to choose from, compared to the thousands of other models of traditional fuel cars.

There are both pros and cons to electric cars, but one of the major benefits is how good for the environment they are. If you’re not sure about buying a fully electric car, then a hybrid vehicle might be the best bet for you.