When you have a passion and enthusiasm for motorcycling, the last thing you want is to be making mistakes on the road. You make your plans and you look at the roads. You want to travel on your trips and you discuss where you want to go with your friends. You might also discuss camping and potential routes to take if something goes wrong or if a road is blocked. When you go solo on a trip, you’re more likely to discover the mistakes that you’re making on the road.

You’re more likely to determine that you are making mistakes as a motorcyclist and you need to do something better for next time. Whether that’s checking out the Norton Commando 961 price And choosing a different bike for the next trip you take or it’s in your behaviour while you ride. You really need to think about the mistakes that you’re making along the way. Let’s take a look at some motorcycling mistakes that you should be avoiding.

  1. Don’t overpack. One of the most common motorcycle mistakes to make is over packing your bike. You’ll know the importance of planning and preparation, but when you’re packing to go on a trip and you plan to ride on a motorcycle, you’re not going to have a lot of room for your things. You don’t need 3 pairs of shoes, additional flip flops and slippers. You don’t need 4 aftershaves and 20 pairs of underwear. You need to make sure that you are smart with what you are packing with you and you don’t want to destabilise your bike in the process.
  2. You take the wrong gear. Taking too much gear with you is a popular motorcycle tourist mistake, but taking the wrong gear is also a problem. Should you take hard luggage or soft luggage? Should you take your Leathers or textiles? If you’re spending time on the trails when you are travelling, you need to make sure that you are wearing ventilated but waterproof clothing. You also need to make sure that you’re wearing Leathers on the roads, as if you do have an accident, you’re going to minimise the damage you do to your body. If you plan to spend most of your time on mountain roads. That you need to make sure that you have tried and tested gear so that you have a more comfortable trip.
  3. You’re right on the wrong bike. Some people will tell you that there is no such thing as the wrong bike, but there really is. You’re also going to benefit from using one style of motorcycle over another, and taking the wrong bike is one of the biggest touring mistakes that you can make. 
  4. You didn’t write a travel plan. It’s so important that you have a touring plan when you are planning on being on the road. They’ll tell you that all you need is a bike on the open Road. But realistically that’s not going to be helpful if you’re travelling on more than one. Make sure that you have an itinerary and make sure that you share that with somebody that you trust along the way so that they can be sure that you’ve got to each destination safely.