The Toyota Camry has been in production  in one form or another since 1982, although it’s not sold here in the UK in under the Camry badge, the Camry was the best selling car in the US last year. The success of the Camry in the US has been unrivalled, holding the title of the best selling car for a whopping 11 years straight, selling more than 400,000 cars last year alone.

The 2014 sees a refresh of the model with a wide array of improvements and refinements aimed at ensuring the Camry stays at the top spot for another year. With the model receiving a redesign in 2012, the 2014 is won’t see any major design changes however Toyota have worked hard to make improvements and tweaks to this already successful car.

The Camry will be available in a range of engine and trim level options, the focus of this article being the critically acclaimed fuel saving Toyota Camry Hybrid. The Hybrid features a 2.4 Litre 4 Cylinder ECVT hybrid engine, offering 200 BHP and an impressive 43/39MPG. With both petrol and electric motors at full power, the Camry will hit 60 from a standstill in an impressive 7.9 seconds, a full 2 seconds quicker than the Toyota Prius. The hybrid system mates a 6 speed automatic transmission, smooth internal combustion engine and a pair of electric motors. The hybrid system allows power to be rerouted back into the Nickel-metal hydride battery pack when conditions allow.

Green Credentials

Hybrids have been increasing in popularity across the globe as fuel prices fluctuate on a daily basis. There have also been a wide range of government initiatives and subsidies to try and tempt drivers into more fuel efficient cars.  Many insurance companies have also started offering cover specifically for owners wanting to go further with their “green” driving credentials for example ethical car insurance from The Green Insurance Company who support local environment a projects such as tree planting and forestry projects.

Fuel and Money Saving Features

The Camry employs a range of fuel saving tech to help improve its fuel efficiency and reduce its impact on the environment. The 2014 Camry features what Toyota call High Solar Energy-Absorbing (HSEA) glass. This special glass reduces heat absorption into the cabin, reducing the need for fuel hungry air-conditioning when the sun makes a a welcome appearance.

Like many of the Hybrid cars in production today, the Camry can be used in EV mode for the ultimate in fuel saving. This feature is only available when travelling under 25MPH and should see 2 miles of battery powered travel under optimal conditions.


Pricing in the US starts at a very reasonable $22,235 for the base model, all the way up to $27,670 for the top of the range Hybrid XLE. With the unparalleled success of the Camry in the US, its a shame that the UK won’t see a comparable version any time soon.