There are many car models out there, sporting different engine types, seat, and feature sets, body kits, fuel economies, and internal components. Some have even completely eschewed the need for fuel and their continually fluctuating petrol/diesel prices But one truth remains – it’s not always about the car you most want, but the one most applicable to your current needs and budget that will remain the best choice.

With this comes an insight – don’t spend more than you can afford, and don’t waste investment on frivolous features (like a perfect carbon fiber frame), when more tangible benefits are present (like a comfortable, safe family driving experience with enough seats to hold your entire clan).

But this insight also holds an implication – the idea that an expensive car is nothing more than a frivolity. But is this the case? Could it make good financial sense to opt for a more expensive, more feature-rich, more prestigious model of car? If you’re looking to motivate your purchase in that light, then consider some of the following perspectives:

Consider Long-Term Value

A vehicle doesn’t necessarily lose all of its value forever just because you’re paid for it. Sure, purchasing a brand new car directly from the lot and driving off will wipe a great deal of its value as you move from new to used, but you can buy used to begin with, especially because with services like a Porsche approved Bodyshop, you can update even older vehicles to look brand new. Look into luxury vehicles and see how well they hold their value. It could be that the brand is so well thought out that certain models or ranges hold most of their second or even fourth-hand value, and even have collector interest. That means when you come to sell, you’ll get most of your investment back.

Consider Features That Enhance Your Life

To some, a given feature is completely unnecessary and thus a waste of money to opt for. But to think these are defined equally by each person is simply incorrect. For example, if you’re starting a family and have twins on the way, you might decide to opt for a larger SUV that is both safe, secure, and comfortable for driving from your rural home to the local town. Sure, some of the optional features like screens in the back of each headrest might be optional, but they may work wonders to keep your little ones calm while driving long distances for vacation. In other words, if a feature is relevant to you, don’t feel bad about prioritizing it.

Differing Forms Of Purchasing Power Exist

From negotiating to leasing, from trading in vehicles to converting two of your cars into one much better car, an expensive car isn’t always a silly or impulsive purchase to make. If you can weigh your options, plan ahead, and make sure your budget can withstand the pressure, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little more room to maneuver and ultimately coming away with a vehicle you’re proud to own.

With this advice, you’re sure to enjoy your expensive car, and determine if such investment is worthwhile to you.