Heading to the track is a super exciting time. Whether you’re taking one of your own cars, or renting a car for the day. However, there’s a lot to think about and you need to make sure that you not only have a brilliant time, but also that it’s safe for you and the participants. Perhaps you’re taking someone else to the track, or have decided to take your kids. Whatever the reason for you going, you want to ensure you have a great time and these tips can set you on the right track.

Thinking About Using Your Own Car

Using your own car is a great way to experience the track. However, it depends what kind of car you’re using. If it’s something with a motor that will struggle, the experience might not be what you wanted to expect. There are many used cars available which you can use for your experience. It means you can run them a little ragged too. You don’t want to take the car you use every day and end up ruining it. This is especially the case if there are other cars on the track too, instead of just running it around yourself on an empty. Always reconsider and see if you can rent a car at the track, ensuring that you take out the full insurance.

Pick Your Track Wisely

It’s important to find the right track. Some prefer a track that’s more of a rally circuit than a traditional race day track, meaning the need for off road tires. You may also need specialised suspension and helmets. A traditional race track is another form of track day, and sometimes you won’t be able to go around on your own. If you’re going somewhere like the nurburgring in Germany, you can take any car you’d like, but others only allow you to drive the cars at the actual track along with an instructor who remains present the whole way around. If you’re a beginner, you might appreciate the help. If you’re not you might feel confident going it alone.

Take The Drive Easy

For the first lap you’ll want to ease yourself into it. Especially if you’ve rented a supercar. You only need to tap the accelerator and you’ll be flying so try to get a feel for the car, as well as the track. If you’re racing with others you need to make sure you’ve got a bit of space around you to test out the brakes. An instructor will talk you through the main points of the car, but if you’re on your own you just have to use common sense. Once you’ve settled into the motor you can start to put your foot down a little bit and enjoy the ride. You don’t want to crash, you certainly don’t want to on your first lap but it happens all of the time so let yourself get used to the track situation first. If you’re feeling nervous, consider sitting in the passenger seat for a lap. You’ll know when to brake, when to accelerate and see which lines to take on the corners which can help the experience.