Red diesel is commonly used in the UK in off-road vehicles, machinery, and generators. However, there is quite a lot of confusion regarding the legal use of this type of diesel as it is basically the same as regular diesel, other than the notable red colour and the retail price. Here’s how you can use red diesel without bypassing the legalities in the UK.

Types Of Vehicles That Can Use Red Diesel

Because all diesel vehicles can run efficiently on regular white diesel and red diesel, many drivers contemplate the regulations on rebated diesel. Unfortunately, using red diesel in your car will be considered tax evasion by the government. This is mainly because red diesel is partially exempt from tax.

Legal Personal Use

If you make use of a generator, it would be worth your while to purchase your fuel from a reliable red diesel supplier. While generators may be the most common use of this type of diesel, business owners in the farming and agricultural industry are also able to make use of rebate diesel to power their machinery and take advantage of heavily reduced tax. Keeping your home heated in cold conditions may be the most applicable use for red diesel, although, construction companies, production factories, schools, and hospitals can all benefit from using red diesel. This means that business owners in several different industries can make use of rebated diesel without risking tax evasion.

Implications Of Removing Red Dye

As the main notable difference between white diesel and red diesel is simply a red colour pigment, you may be wondering if removing the red dye would be worthwhile. Even though you can technically remove the dye from rebated diesel, this would be an entirely illegal act that could cost you heavily as a prison sentence can be expected for individuals removing the colour pigment from red diesel. Rebated diesel is only legal if it is being used correctly, which is why it is vital to determine uses that are applicable to you.

Storing Red Diesel Legally

Correct storage of red diesel would be completely related to the specifics of your use, which is why you would need to follow recommendation from your supplier. For general storage of this type of diesel, you would need a structurally sound storage tank. You would also need additional items such as drip trays, ancillary equipment, and pumps. Red diesel can be purchased in smaller quantities for personal use and your storage options would also be regulated for your own safety. It is also required that you store diesel away from areas where the diesel would facilitate environmental pollution. This means that your storage area should be more than 50 meters away from a building in an open area and coastal areas. In the event that you are hoping to store a large tanker of diesel for business use, you would be required by law to carry out regular maintenance on the tanker for safety reasons.