If you are considering purchasing a car to go on a track, installing a roll cage in your vehicle is highly advisable. In fact, a lot of tracks require you to, in order to race your car. The main benefit of a roll cage is your safety, the last thing you want is your car rolling and collapsing on you. Other advantages are it can improve the handling of your vehicle as well as simply save your life. When it comes to purchasing a roll cage, you can purchase your standard fitting, however, it is advised you consider bespoke designs for roll cages, that way it matches the exact requirement of your vehicle. Below we look into what a roll cage is and the advantages of having one. 

What is a roll cage? 

A roll cage provides additional safety to your vehicle when taking part in performance races such as banger racing. Most vehicles that you purchase have a standard frame around them. This frame is designed for normal road use instead of racing. A roll cage should be installed as they are strong structures that are inserted into the vehicle to provide extra support should your car roll. Roll cages come in all shapes, sizes and colours to perfectly fit within the cabin of your vehicle. When it comes to turbo racing, you will notice a lot are installed – especially now you have been made aware of roll cages. 

Three benefits of roll cages 

It can save your life 

At the end of the day, a roll cage can save your life and there is nothing more valuable than that. You never plan to be in an accident but if one does happen and your car flips over, a roll cage can absorb the impact, reducing any injuries you may sustain. When you are taking part in extreme track racing like banger racing, cars are always rolling over which is why they make it mandatory for you to have one in your vehicle. 

It can improve the handling of your vehicle 

You may be surprised to hear this but roll cages can actually help with the handling of your vehicle, helping you perform better. When you are racing and taking a sharp corner, the additional weight of the roll cage will reduce the flexing. This can work in your favour when racing, helping you catch up or keep the lead that you currently have. 

It may be required 

Some events may not require you to have a cage but others will. So to make your life easier and be able to race as much as you would like, installing one is the best bet. This way you aren’t having to look at the entry requirements before entering yourself into the race. Plus when you start racing, you won’t want to take time out to have one installed during the season when you could simply have it installed when you buy the vehicle. In most instances, you’ll probably find a roll cage is required more than it isn’t.