Recently it was announced that a new opt-in service is being launched by Ford Motors and State Farm Insurance in America. This service is a system where driver’s behaviour on the road will determine the amount of money they will pay in insurance. Instead of having insurance costs based on statistics based on post codes or certain areas, this technology will collect information via the vehicle such as how often an individual drivers, how fast they drive on average and their average distances per trip.

The system is implemented via Ford’s current dashboard called the “SYNC APP” which records driver data and transfers it to the corresponding smartphone application. Ford have said that people who drive an average of 1,000 miles per month could see savings of up to 10% on their insurance premiums whereas drivers with a low mileage could see up to 40%.

With this service only in its infancy and created by Ford Motors in partnership with a well-known insurance company, is this something we could feasibly see roll out to help drivers in high insurance areas save money or new drivers finally get an insurance premium that isn’t ten times the price of the car they bought?

The people who will be happiest to see this implemented across a wide section of car brand would definitely be new drivers. After a driver has finished their lessons with their driving school it is often a hard struggle to get anything close to a fair insurance premium once they are eligible to drive with some areas in Britain (especially in the North West) seeing insurance rates that simply push drivers off the market.

Driving Lessons in Stockport Driving Schools in Stockport in the North West of England would welcome this new potential future way of calculating insurance premiums for their students. Stockport boasts some of the highest insurance rates in England for drivers between 17-25 with some new drivers being quoted up to £10,000 per year.

Obviously it is not just about new drivers getting on the road, it is a chance for fairer insurance premiums to be rolled out across the world if this new technology becomes more than just a partnership between two companies and many people may see further savings on their car costs.