If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you either own an expensive car, or you’d like to. But there’s a problem with expensive cars: not only are they costly to buy, they’re also expensive to run.

Problems with repairing fast cars can start on day one. Often mechanics will try to upsell you on certain repair items, claiming that your car, because it’s expensive, needs the best of the best. Other time, you’ll get plastered with a massive insurance bill, even if you’ve had ten years’ worth of no claims.

So what can you do to save on car repairs?

Find An Honest Mechanic

There are generally two types of mechanics. There are the mechanics who work in a big chain or repair shops and who are trained to look for opportunities to make extra money. And there are solo mechanics who work in their own small-scale workshops and are committed to honesty and integrity in order to get repeat business in the future.

In general, it pays to find one of the latter mechanics –  a person you can trust to perform repairs on your car and not charge you a fortune for the privilege. Often these people will be an approved AAA Auto repair shop. Also, check on tradesperson sites like Yelp for reviews to see what other customers have said. Often you’re able to get a feeling of the general opinion out there of the service. Try not to focus on one negative review: every company has these. Check to see whether the auto shop is responding to the negative reviews and trying to address the customer’s needs. This is a sign that they are committed to customer service.

Get Estimates From Multiple Repair Shops

Even if you’ve found a fantastic mechanic, that doesn’t mean that they are always the cheapest for every job. For instance, some repair shops, like DingMaster, are experts in repairing minor dents and scuffs. These specialist mechanics are often more experienced in dealing with particular problems, meaning that they have the equipment to do it faster and cheaper than a regular, “do-it-all” auto repair shop.

It’s also a good idea to ask mechanics whether they are willing to undercut other deals that you’ve seen in the area. Often, mechanics will offer discounts on certain services in order to take business away from their competitors. Ask your mechanic if he or she would be willing to match their prices, for the sake of retaining your business.

Get Your Own Code Reader And Perform Your Own Diagnostics

Right now, there’s a big marketing for On-Board Diagnostics – a sort of built-in diagnostics system that includes sensors and scanners which tell you whether your car is in need of repair. These systems aren’t always expensive, and they can alert you to potential issues before they go and cause you costly damage. Some of these systems can even be connected up to your smartphone, meaning that the moment you get a warning light come up on your dashboard, you’re able to respond with preventative measures.

Plenty of sites, including Amazon, sell OBD scanners.