A report by a leading driving school has reported that nearly a quarter of the UK’s young drivers think they are better behind the wheel than their elders, claiming they are more careful on the road. A whopping 29% of the 500 “kids” questioned said that they drove more carefully and had fewer bad driving habits than their older relatives.

Young drivers are currently the focus of plans to help reduce the risk they pose on the UK’s road. These plans include curfews, passenger number restrictions and minimum learning periods. Data from the Road Safety Analysis (RSA) reports that Young drivers throughout the country are more likely to be involved in a crash with 30% of all motor vehicle drivers involved in collisions aged between 16 and 29 years old.

The data from the RSA is reflected by the large premiums that young drivers face to insure their cars. Premiums of £3,000 are common place among many young drivers with many opting to stay insured on their relative’s policies or opt out of driving altogether. The uptake of Car insurance comparison sites such as Compare the Market have been vital to motorists of all ages to get the very best deal available. They enable motorists young and old to shop about without the hassle of countless telephone calls to prospective insurance firms from the yellow pages.

Our young drivers may feel they have the confidence to conquer the roads however the statics show otherwise; this miss placed confidence is one of the reasons cited by the RSA that often the cause of accidents in the first place.