304.774 MPH… H – O – L – Y    S –  H  –  !  – T

That’s not just fast, its f’ing crazy. it’s not just about pushing 3000BHP monsters down a track… This is a production car, with a number plate, that you can drive on the roads. It may or may not have Brian Crower connecting rods installed, but it sure did make a new record.

In what appears to be a “supersport” version of the mighty Chiron, Bugatti managed to set a new top speed of 304.774mph at the Ehra-Lessien proving ground in Germany. Over 300MPH, on road tyres? This is nothing less than a feat of engineering perfection. Bugatti is well known for setting records and having incredible design under the hood, and that clearly is the case. 

As it stands, Bugatti only managed the speed in one direction meaning that the record will not be joining the speed elite in the Guinness Book of World records but with Hennesy hot on their heels, we suspect that the record will be verified very soon with two official back to back runs.

In response to the record, John Hennessey responded in taking up the challenge with some pretty bold words. With the 1,600bhp Hennessey Venom F5 in development, the arms race to 300MPH and beyond has begun. We look forward to see the results!