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The Truth About Buying A Luxury Used Car?

The main reason so many of us love to buy used is because the value is incomparable. Instead of spending that £10,000 on a small Fiat hatchback, you can spend that same £10,000 on something more imposing, more impressive, more

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An Original Mustang In The UK? It’s Possible

The thing with cars is this – unless it’s a unique classic model, the value of any car depreciates with use. If you buy a new Ford Focus from a dealership and drive it away, the value of the car

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What you Need to Know About Investing in Classics

Classic cars are never far from conversations when discussing the World’s most beautiful cars. Sometimes we can actually spend more time talking about our desire for an old classic rather than a brand, new exciting model on the market. However

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She’s A Beauty: Cosmetic Improvements To Make Your Car Look Oh So Fine

We’re sure you’ve noticed that the weather is improving pretty rapidly out there. The cold days of winter are fading away and is on course to be replaced by day after day of balmy spring and summer days. While some

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The Psychology Behind Road Rage

Whether we like to admit it or not, road rage is something that most motorists will have experienced at some point. For some of us, we become the recipients of people’s anger and frustration on the road. While for others,

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Are You Losing Your Passion for Driving? Rediscover it Today

When you’ve been driving for years or even decades, it’s not uncommon to lose a bit of that passion you used to have for driving. It becomes a routine thing rather than something that you actually enjoy and care about.

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Are You Ready To Take Your Motorbike Off The Beaten Track?

Every so often we like to step away from the world of four wheels and test our luck on two instead. Nope, we’re not talking about trying to pull off an insane James Bond esque stunt. We are, of course,

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4 Most Practical Cars Money Can Buy

Practical cars are surprisingly hard to come by. And by practical, I mean truly practical cars, ones that don’t let you down and serve a variety of uses. But, if you look hard enough you will find some great practical

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Which Buying Option Best Suits You?

If you think buying a car is an easy decision, then you need to think again. From the means in which you are going to get your hands on that dream car of yours to calculating the running costs, all

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Not indicating, using a mobile phone and excessive parking charges – What really drives British motorists mad

A survey into the habits of drivers has uncovered what Brits really hate about driving in the UK. Research by a parking website revealed that using a mobile phone when driving, other road users not indicating and high parking charges

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