When you ask someone to mention the first Spanish car that comes to mind, it’s usually the SEAT Leon. The iconic hatchback has been a feature of European roads for decades now. 

However, SEAT also has a racier side: its CUPRA range. The range-topping SUV model is the Formentor (which sounds like “tormenter,” reflecting what it does to corners when it goes around them). 

This article explains why this car is so unique and how it manages to crush practically every other vehicle in its class. 


The Cupra Formentor’s standout appeal is its exceptionally high performance. The vehicle is famous for absolutely dominating track times at its price point. 

The top petrol engine will generate 310 hp, which is more than many BMWs. This power gives the vehicle the clout it needs to get drivers out of sticky situations on the road and help them dominate the track. 

There’s also a plug-in hybrid version. This model isn’t quite as powerful, but it offers more fuel efficiency for drivers who want their vehicles to be as frugal as possible. 


Safety is also a big feature of the new Formentor. The vehicle has a five-star Euro NCAP rating, thanks to its advanced onboard technology, adaptive cruise control, and automatic forward collision warning. CUPRA has put it through rigorous testing to reduce risks on the road and keep drivers and passengers safe. There are also additional safety considerations for pedestrians. 

The emergency braking system is handy for drivers who lose control of their vehicles on the road. The onboard sensors will slam on the brakes if they think a collision is imminent, preventing the driver from automatically taking the blame (for shunting someone else from behind). 


The style is also something that makes the Formentor worth mentioning. The car has an elegant design making it stand out on the road, reflecting its high performance. 

For an SUV, the lines are sporty, which is one of the reasons car dealers near me put it in their showrooms. The vehicle has an aggressive look that matches other European models, like the Q5 from Audi. The stand-out element is the badge on the grille and the fenders for engine air intake. 

Boot Space

You don’t get a huge amount of boot space on the CUPRA Formentor, but the car isn’t meant primarily as a utility vehicle. While you can get a lot of stuff in it, the Spanish automaker built it to be aggressive and sporty, meaning that aerodynamics are the most important consideration, followed by the need for space for the components, like the suspension system. 


Finally, the CUPRA branding is exciting by itself for many car lovers. It’s similar to the AMG brand from Mercedes or Audi’s S-Series. It represents the pinnacle of what engineers at SEAT are able to create. 

Overall, whether you choose the CUPRA Formentor depends on your priorities. It’s popular among people looking for a safe, speedy alternative to popular European brands, like Audi, BMW and Mercedes.