If you’re a true turbo nutter, then you’ll love motorsport! So, I thought I’d do something cool and try to peek into the future of this sport. What new and exciting innovations could we see in the years to come? Here are my ideas:

Safer Cars

It took me a while to come up with the right heading for the first point I want to make. In truth, I had a few ideas for future innovations rolling around in my head. When I bundled them together, I realised they all revolved around car safety and making motorsport safer. Think about the regular cars we see on the roads today. A lot of them have cool safety tech that makes the car brake when approaching impending danger. Imagine this type of technology in motorsports! Something built in the car to prevent it from crashing into a wall or other driver. Then, I started thinking about some seriously cool innovations like seats that eject. This would be awesome in Formula 10 to help protect drivers. If the car is about to crash, they can eject from their seat up in the air and have a parachute bring them down safely. We already see this technology in fighter jets and helicopters, so, it could come to motorsport one day!


Solar Power

These days, we see more and more electric cars popping up all over the place. But, they’re yet to properly make it into the world of motorsport. But, they could be on their way into this amazing automobile sport. And, it’s all thanks to solar power. Solar powered cars are definitely on the cards in the future. These are cars that use the sun’s energy to power electric motors. This is a great way of making motorsport a lot greener. There are already some solar powered motorsport teams out there like DUEM! It’s amazing that technology is allowing people to change the way cars are created. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, we can now look forward to a greener future. What’s more, these innovations won’t harm motorsports at all. We will still see awesome cars flying around tracks at breakneck speeds. In fact, what interests me is seeing how far these innovators can take things. Will they be able to make a car that’s faster than ever before, powered purely by the sun? Who knows, it will certainly be very intriguing to wait and see.


New Vehicles

I think perhaps the most exciting innovation will be new motorsport vehicles. At some point, someone will come up with a future vehicle. It will be a new and innovative creation that takes the world by storm. It will become a new motorsport, and everyone will love it. This is the type of thing I’m excited about, seeing new vehicles to improve motorsport as a whole.

Although these are just predictions, there’s a decent chance all three of them will happen! People are always looking to make cars safe, particularly in motorsports. Green energy is a massive thing, and I know this sport will start using it. Finally, new vehicles are invented all the time, it’s surely going to happen!