Some people change their cars too frequently; others don’t change them often enough. The former will leave you with a depleted bank account, and the latter will leave you with a vehicle that’s no longer suitable for your needs. You don’t want to leave things too late. The longer you leave upgrading your car, the less safe, less comfortable, and, conversely, the more money you’ll spend (older cars need more maintenance). But when do you know when it’s time up upgrade your vehicle? We take a look at a few signs below.

Too Much Maintenance

Even if you buy a vehicle the second it’s out the factory doors, there’s a chance that’ll need to take it into a garage at some point. They’re only machines, they’re not perfect, and sometimes things go wrong that need fixing. However, if you’re spending too much money and time taking your car to the garage, then it’s time to think about changing your vehicle. It’s not just about the money you spend or finding the time to go: it’s about reliability. You need to trust that your car is going to safely transport you to your chosen destination without incident.


We all know the feeling of looking at something that a neighbour has, and thinking they’ve made a better choice than we did. We do it with homes, clothes, and, yup, cars. If you’re spending too much time looking enviously at the vehicles of other people, then it’s time for an upgrade. Take a look at the cars offered by a company such as the Crystal Motor Company, and find a car that you’re happy with. Life is too short to be driving around in a vehicle that you believe to be inferior to the other cars on the road.

Different Needs

Even if we’re essentially in love with our car, it’s sometimes necessary to change things up. If our circumstances change, then sometimes so must our set of wheels. There are many reasons why your current car may no longer be sensible, but there’s normally a few instigators of change. One is when you reach your professional life, and the student-style car you’ve been driving is no longer appropriate, if you’re trying to make a positive impression on others. Another is when you start a family, and need a larger vehicle that can safely transport your clan, or when you reach an older age and need a car that’s less sporty, more practical.


It’s Time to Change

At some point, you just know that things need to change. It could be that the vehicle requires too much maintenance, or that you’ve simply fallen out of love with the design and interior. Only you will know when it’s the right time to change your vehicle. So long as you don’t leave it too late, then you’ll be fine — the danger is when the car becomes dangerous or otherwise unsuitable, yet still isn’t upgraded. When it’s time for a change, it’s time for a change!