Those of you that have been on this site before will have probably read our article on modifications you can make to your car. Well, we’re not one to discriminate against other fast vehicles, so here’s an article for the petrolheads out there who love motorcycles. We’ve got a few simple things you can do that will tweak your ride’s performance and looks.

New Exhaust System

This mod is a bit of a combination of visual appeal and performance enhancing. A new exhaust system can help you unleash the power of your motorcycle. It can give your bike a proper growling roar that sounds incredible and can be heard for miles. But, a good exhaust can also make your bike more fuel-efficient. Plus, you can get some custom exhausts that look so much better than the stock ones you get on most motorcycles.

Improved Tyres

The next major improvement you should make is to your tyres. When you buy a motorcycle, you’ll probably have some pretty decent tyres on there. But, are they the best ones for your bike? No, probably not! Manufacturers of both cars and motorcycles will rarely fork out the cash on the best tyres around. So, what you need to do is get your hands on some new and improved tyres. Think about what bikes are good at, and buy tyres that cater to their strengths. They’re built to be very fast and take corners quickly. As such, you want some tyres with a serious grip that will keep both wheels on the ground and stop you from falling over. Always buy brand new tyres too, don’t cut costs and get some pre-owned ones. Some people use them a few times then decide to sell them, you want brand new tyres that haven’t been spoiled.


Personal Number Plate

If you want to make your bike your own, then you need to have a personalised number plate. Just like with cars you can buy motorcycle number plates online and search for one that’s not already been taken. Sure, this little modification does nothing for your bike’s performance, but it does make the machine feel more personal to you. A great way to improve it visually more than anything.

Chrome Wrap

We’ve seen it with cars, and you can get it done on motorcycles too, chrome wrapping is simple all the rage. If you don’t know what this is it refers to wrapping your vehicle in a semi-permanent chrome decal. It’s semi-permanent in the sense that it can be removed if you want, but the decal will never peel off your bike or only last for a temporary period. Why do this? Because it makes your motorcycle look amazing. If you thought chrome cars were cool, just wait until you see a chrome bike speed past you. Another excellent idea if you want to improve the way your motorcycle looks.


If you’re motorcycle-mad and want to improve the performance and look of your new ride, then make sure you keep all these ideas in mind.