pushy-salesman-haggle-barterA report commissioned by Recombu Cars has found that nearly one in five (19%) of British motorists hate to haggle but tough economic times are pushing them to ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

The report surveyed 2,000 people and revealed that a third (33%) of us don’t feel haggling over prices comes natural. Surprisingly, many also feel that salesmen often get the upper hand with nearly thirty percent (30%) of buyers being negatively influenced by intimidating and pushy sales people.

Rory Reid, editor of Recombu Cars, commented on the results: “In the current economic climate everyone is trying to look after the pennies and even though we might not like doing it, Brits are being forced to haggle for the best deal. Access to information online has certainly made the buying process easier and it helps shoppers get away from pushy salesmen who will do anything to get their hands on your money”.

Car insurance is a hotly contested and competitive market, buyers should be urged to haggle even when they feel they are already getting a good deal. Rather than completing the policy on-line, motorists should try and directly to their prospective car insurance provider and ask the question, however uncomfortable it may feel.

Be wary playing companies off with magical “too good to be true” figures but simply asking if there is any more they can do on the price if often enough for even a small discount. What have you got to loose?