If you regularly visit our blog or at have happened upon it, you’ve likely at least some interest in cars. Cars are much more than a means of transportation. They are a feat of engineering, an art form, and their handling also requires skill. This is why it can seem so incredible to watch Gymkhana athletes tear their way around a drag, Formula 1 drivers push the limits of the balance between speed and handling, and why even drag races can prove electrifying.

The only downside to being a fan of these sports is that it’s hard to take part. Aside from being a fan, you can’t exactly hop into a Formula 1 vehicle and ‘test it out.’ If you’re a basketball fan, you can call your buddies and shoot some hoops. If you’re a football fan, you can arrange a match at the weekend. But how do turbo-fans engage with their sport? Is it possible? Or should it just be ignored?

Well, if there’s anything these car events should have told you – it’s that nothing is impossible. Let us explore that together in the following advice:

Attend Track Days

A track day can be the closest you can get to driving on the tracks you dream of. You might even be able to gain specialist instruction from a racing tutor. This can be a dream come true, as you are able to take the corners, learn how the tracks work and learn just how difficult handling can be. Track days are often on offer as coupon days, or sometimes, you can even go for less expensive options. For example, the Nurburgring in Germany often has ‘open days,’ in which you can take your own road-worthy vehicle around their track, and they’ll let a new car on every ten minutes. This way you don’t need to factor in the cost of a tutor, and you can, driving safely, experience somewhat close to the simulations you might have enjoyed in video games.

Upgrade & Tune Your Vehicle

It can often be that with products such as AFE Intakes, you are able to get better performance out of your vehicle, or a vehicle you are putting together. Exhaust systems, suspension systems, they all contribute to the handling of your vehicle, how tightly it responds, and also how comfortable you feel behind the wheel. To that extent you learn the pleasure of working on your own vehicle, a true labor of love. You would be hard pressed to find any racing athlete without a working passion for the engineering or maintenance of their vehicle.

Attend Car Shows

Learning history, seeing particular models up close, being amazed by the span of beautiful items on display can all leave you feeling truly amazed. No turbo-pro is without their absolute reverence for the history of their sport, and that information will always be open to you, too. From there, it can also be worthwhile to attend the car shows you might wish for.