We’ve all seen the boy racers around town with what they think are pimped up rides, and sometimes it’s actually quite cringe worthy to think that they feel their car looks good. If a car is done up properly, it can look spectacular, but bodge jobs generally tend to look tacky and quite frankly, worse than the car would have looked without any of the mods. The main reason that men decide to do their cars up a little is generally to show off to their friend and of course, impress the ladies. Take a look at these tips on how to impress the ladies with your car (and without looking tacky!).

Sort the paintwork out

The first thing that you should do if you’re looking to do your car up a little, is to get rid of any scratches or dents that might be on your paintwork. It’s all too easy to obtain scratches on your car, as something simple like your belt catching paintwork can create damage to it. Head to a store like Halfords and pick up some touch up paint for your car so that you can immediately improve the look of your car!


A really classy way of showing off your car is by making it as personal as possible. This could be by adding relevant bodywork stickers to your car, or even a personalised reg from Platinum Plates. Many people shy away from personalised reg plates because of the price, but Platinum offer a finance option so that everyone can afford to personalise their cars. Take a look and see what options you can go for!

Avoid extra bodywork

One of the biggest mistakes that boy racers make is by adding extra bodywork to their car. A large and low bumper does not impress the ladies, trust me. If you want to replace a few bits of body work, then by all means do so, but try not to add onto the size of your car because it can quickly and easily begin to look tacky. Another option instead of adding bodywork to your car would be to have the ride height lowered, as this can look very slick indeed.


Many cars on the road, especially if second hand, have mismatched alloys. And of course, this is a bit of an eye sore. Why not buy yourself some cheap matching alloys to attach yourself and instantly improve the look of your car!

Have a clean car!

Finally, if you’ve not got the funds to inject into your car, or you simply like the way it looks already, then all you need to do is make sure that you’ve got a clean car! There’s nothing worse than a grubby car and mountains of rubbish on the inside when you’re trying to impress the ladies!