You love your car, and you want everyone else to appreciate the intricate beauty of your machine. The only problem is, not many people are going to come around to your house to admire your vehicle in the driveway, and when it’s on the road there are always hundreds of vehicles sharing the attention. So what do you do? You make the car stand out from the crowd, of course. If you want to have all eyes on you when you’re driving around town, then take the steps below. Be warned though, you might have to field some questions from curious passersby when it’s parked at the supermarket!

Customise Tastefully

All cars can be customised, though some are better suited to it than others. If you’ve got one of those vehicles that is ripe for putting your own spin on, then there’ll be a million and one small additions you can do to make it not only stand out from the crowd of cars but also the same model of cars. Of course, there’s an upper limit on the number of changes you should make. If your car is beginning to look like it has been on an episode of Pimp My Ride multiple times, it’s time to calm down. You want to get the right kind of attention, not the “what were they thinking” kind of attention.

Get Personal

Want to get eyeballs on your vehicle, and also ensure that your car is easy to spot in the car park? Then look at getting a private number plate for your car from The Private Plate Company. Whether the plate you get is connected to your name, favourite football team, or which just shows off your personality, they’re a great way to put a personal spin on your vehicle. And let’s be honest, who ever drives past a private plate without wondering what prompted the driver to get that particular plate?


Getting Colourful

Take a look at the other vehicles the next time you’re stuck in traffic, and you’ll notice something; most cars have an incredibly boring colour! As such, why not look at jazzing yours up a little bit? You can do this in two ways. The first is to spray paint the entire vehicle in a more vibrant colour. The second is to add car decals. These can be a bit more of a risk, and it’s easy to go overboard, but can complement the car well if you get it right.

Keep It Clean

You’ll look pretty cool if you’ve been taking your vehicle off-road and it’s now filled with dirt and dust. But that’s the only circumstances when it’s acceptable. If your car is dirty and dusty for no reason other than laziness, then your car might stand out…but not for the reasons you want! If you’ve been so much time into getting your vehicle just right, then make sure you’re showing off your good work in the best possible light…and that means keeping things clean! Make sure to invest in quality cleaning products that are specifically designed for use on vehicles. Something like Car Snow Foam will prove ideal and leave your car’s exteriors sparkling clean!