If you’re like us, then your beloved motor is an extension of yourself. It’s a reflection of you.

And surely, you want to keep yourself in tip-top condition right? You want to look after yourself and be the best you? If the answer is yes, then maybe you should consider keeping your car in mint-condition and looking after it as well as you look after yourself!

The easiest way to start off is by cleaning the outside and inside of your car every month without fail. That means removing the leftover coffee cups, cleaning up the papers lying around. It’s a good gauge of yourself as well because everyone who rides along with you in your car can see how dirty or clean you are as a person. If you take a visit to a car wash, the exterior of your car can look brand new. The other side of this coin is leaving your car’s interior as is, which will attract dirt, grime, mould and bacteria which will ruin the interior of your vehicle.


Your car’s ‘real’ interior should be cleaned as much as possible and by real interior, we mean an oil change. You should consider an oil change every 7,500 miles and you really should take it into the shop for this if you’re not knowledgeable about oil changes. If you don’t change your oil, then your car’s engine will eventually fail due to dirt and muck building up and this will cost you a lot more than an oil change. You should already know a decent garage and if you don’t ‘Who Can Fix My Car’ is a great resource to aid you in that search.

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The biggest safety check on a car should be a brake pad test. Brakes will become worn out due to friction and this could lead to an emergency or accident that you won’t want to happen. Get your brake pads checked out now and again to ensure that you don’t need to worry about your safety in the car. As long as your brake pads, you want to ensure that your car’s spark plugs and air filter are checked and changed to ensure the vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently.

Storage and parking is an underrated aspect to keeping your car safe. You should aim to park in the shade and use a window shade to protect the interior. But beware, parking your car under a nest can lead to acidic bird droppings ruining your paint job. If you’re not going to use the car for a while, clean it, cover it and keep it full with petrol. Make sure you start the engine every so often to keep the battery ticking and ready for use.

These are just a few hints on looking after your car and these should be the first steps you take. If you keep it clean and stored well, your car will look after you. It’s also best to keep the owners manual close and any repair receipts in the glove box. Your car will pay you back by running for years upon years if you keep it in good condition.