Your wheels are an important part of the car, and as such, you should be doing all you can to look after them. There are a variety of things that you can do when it comes to keeping up with its maintenance, so with that being said, here are some helpful tips for maintaining your wheels.

Wash Your Wheels

Firstly, be sure to keep up with regular cleaning of your car. By keeping your car clean, it’s like any appliance or product you have in your home it ensures a longer lifespan. If you’re letting your wheels and alloys get dirty and remain dirty, then it’s likely to do damage to the quality and appearance of your wheels. Cleaning them is fairly easy to do, and so if you’ve had a particularly bad day out that’s resulted in a lot of mess, a quick hose down should be sufficient.

It’s also worth getting your car washed on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks. By doing this, you’re likely to keep your car in the best condition possible, and you’re also taking out all of the fuss and effort that you have to do on your part.

Be Wary Of The Terrain

Terrain is more important than you think when it comes to your wheels because depending on where you drive daily, will depend on how well your tyres will do over the course of their life. For examples, it’s worth looking out for potholes or messes on the ground where you’re driving so that you avoid any impacts or sharp objects. These impacts can be critical on your car’s wheels but also on the car itself, particularly what’s under the bonnet. Try to keep an eye on where you’re driving and to not get yourself into a situation where you’re driving down a road or path that’s likely to be disastrous for your wheels.

If you need to drive on harder roads or terrain, then make sure you’re keeping as safe as possible and changing your tyres for something more suitable if needed.

Try Not To Brake Too Hard

Braking is important because, for many, it can stop you from getting into an accident. It’s important to try and be careful about how you use the brakes. If you’re too heavy-handed with them and perhaps use them at times where you don’t need to, you could start wearing down your tyres a lot sooner as a result. Every time you brake hard and especially at a faster speed, the friction that’s caused will mean that more of your tyre is left behind on the road.

So with that being said, make sure your 4wd wheels are looked after when it comes to braking and be conscious of how you use them. Brake pads are precious and shouldn’t be damaged; otherwise, they could be dangerous.

Use Wheels With Seasons In Mind

Wheels are sometimes used seasonally for some drivers due to the pros and cons that different tyre types can have. You might wish to change your tyres based on the time of year in order to lengthen the lifespan of the tyres themselves. There are summer tyres that will be able to adapt better for dry roads and heat, whilst there are others that are going to be more suited and adaptable to winter weather.

It’s an added expense to buy two sets of tyres, but it also means you’ll always have a backup pair to rely on, should you break down or notice a burst tyre before leaving home for work or a holiday. Make sure that you’re always keeping an eye on your tyres before you start driving as you never know there might be problems that you wouldn’t necessarily pay attention to if you don’t look usually.

Get Them Checked By Professionals

It’s important to keep up with regular health checks for your car, just like your own body. It can be prone to damage and potential problems that are underlying. And unless you’re a car expert, it’s not something that you’re necessarily going to notice. If you have any concerns, then your local garage should be able to take a look at them for you.

Getting your tyres pumped is something you want to do on a regular basis, so when you do take them in for your MOT, your car engineer will likely do this for you. Be sure to flag any concerns you might have in regards to tyres, otherwise the engineer might mention it anyway.


Avoid Bad Driving Habits

Bad driving habits are something you want to knock on the head, sooner rather than later. If you’re driving habits have gotten worse or you’ve noticed that you’ve been driving with some bad habits recently, it’s a good opportunity to stop them before they put you in danger. As mentioned above, braking is the one common cause of damage to tyres, so be careful where you are driving and how often you pull on the brakes abruptly. Be sure to maintain a safe speed and that you’re avoiding those tempting puddles or lakes that have formed on a road. As much as they might be fun to drive through, they can often end up causing a lot of damage to your car if you’re not careful.

The sooner you knock these bad habits out of your driving, the better. You don’t want to have to replace your tyres sooner than expected, and it all helps in keeping your car as healthy as possible.

Maintaining your wheels is important to do, and there’s a lot that can be avoided to ensure your tyres last for a long time. Keep an eye on any changes or issues that have arisen and be sure to keep the tyres pumped. Avoid bad driving habits where you can and be careful of your brakes and how heavily you brake too. All these tips should help prevent premature ageing of the tyres and will keep your wheels in good shape overall.