Month: September 2012

Clear weather a threat to car insurance?

Three very unlikely candidates have been revealed as the major causes for motorists to crash their company cars. Total Accident Management has found that more than half (53 per cent) of accidents in company vehicles occur in...

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The glamour and beauty of certain vintage cars is so marked that it would appeal even to the most casual of onlookers. The Rolls Royce Silver Wreath is as powerful as it is graceful, while the old Fiat 500 has an instant...

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The Market for Avoiding Inner City Parking

Parkino – ‘Parks For You’ is a new Italian parking-system. The manufacturer’s English website describes the device as an ‘automated parking device’ to facilitate the parking of vehicles in narrow spaces –it uses a...

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History of the Batmobile

  Some cars leave a mark on people’s imaginations for how beautiful they are, or how powerful, or how well they handle. Others are made famous by the celebrities who drive them. Today we shall look at the interesting...

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Buying Your Car with Tesco Clubcard Points

Tesco has shaken up the motor industry by moving wholesale into the mass car-dealing market. What effect has this had both on the traditional car dealership world and on the consumer? Tesco’s move – long-rumoured –...

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