Buying a new car can be a pretty daunting experience. While it’s definitely something seriously exciting, it can be filled with pitfalls that can trip you up surprisingly easy. Even some of the savviest shoppers can find themselves suckered in by the complexities of buying a new car. From the endless stream of numbers and figures being thrown at you to the fast talking salesperson, there’s a lot to deal with when all you want is a new vehicle without breaking the bank. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways that you can get the best possible deal on a new car and avoid the traps laid along the way. Here are just a few of the best ways to avoid getting taken for a ride.

New vs. brand new


It might seem like there’s no difference at all but that’s not actually the case. While most of the time they are identical, there is one significant difference between a three-month-old car and a three-day-old car: convenience. Unless there are some features that you simply have to have that don’t come as standard, then there’s no point getting a car right off the assembly line. If the same car is in the showroom, then there’s no reason to hold out for one that’s going to be exactly the same apart from an extra wait and a potentially higher price tag.

Getting rid of your old car

If your previous car is in a particularly bad state, some dealerships will refuse a trade or offer you a ridiculously low price for it. Don’t forget that there are plenty of other ways to sell your car, regardless of what its condition might be. Don’t think that trading it in to get money off your new car is your only option.


You have the power, not the salesman

This is one of those things that’s really easy to remember right up until you’re face to face with a smooth talking salesperson trying to convince your to part with your hard earned cash. They make their living attempting to convince you that the high price with well worth paying, even if you can’t afford it. Just remember one important fact. The salesperson needs the sale more than you do. This simple fact changes the power dynamic completely. They might act as though you’re the one losing out if you refuse to pay beyond your budget but that’s not the case. They are the ones who are losing out. They might try and convince you that they don’t need your business and are basically doing you a favor. But they want to make that sale, and when it comes down to it, they will be much more flexible than they might seem at first. Be confident and don’t be afraid to haggle (within reason) if you think the price is unfair. If they really want that sale (and they do) they’ll be willing to meet you in the middle.