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McLaren Officially Unveils the 650S

mclaren 650s McLaren Officially Unveils the 650S

It’s not been the best of starts for McLaren’s new baby. After grainy photos were leaked on line, McLaren jumped the gun and officially unveiled the 650S before it’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show .

The 650S slots directly in between the 12C and epic fire breathing P1. You’ll be happy to hear it offers many of the features introduced into the P1 such as lighting and aerodynamic tweaks however given it’s “bargain” price tag (compared to the P1) it does without the acres of carbon fibres featured in its feather weight big brother.

A treat for the F1 fans, Ron Howard’s Rush coming to the silver screen

rush f1 ron turbo nutters A treat for the F1 fans, Ron Howards Rush coming to the silver screen

For those of you out there who enjoy F1 as much as we do, you’ll be very interested in the latest motor sport movie that will be gracing our screen in September… Rush.

The movie, directed by acclaimed director Ron Howard is a biography of the Austrian Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda and the 1976 crash that almost claimed his life.

The movie brings us back to what many would call the golden days of F1, before the days of computers, driver aids and over the stop safety regulations.

Read more to check out the trailer, I think you’ll agree it looks rather good indeed.

British Grand Prix: Hamilton will race

lewis hamilton mercedes British Grand Prix: Hamilton will race

Formula 1 fans of the UK have been delighted to learn that Lewis Hamilton will be racing at this years British Grand Prix after Mercedes escaped the “Tyregate” scandal with a little more than a slap on the wrist.

Many commentators had expected the 7½-hour hearing in Paris to banish the Mercedes team from this Sunday’s Grand Prix at Silverstone however they will be participating the in race after all. This is despite the fact that they were found guilty of breaking F1′s stringent rules. The guilty verdict was in relation to the use of the teams 2013 car for in season testing, which took place in Barcelona after the Spanish Grand Prix in May. This could have resulted in the team facing a hefty fine, points deduction, race ban, or even exclusion from the Formula 1 championship.

Getting your hands on a supercar just got that little bit easier

ferrari 458 italia yellow Getting your hands on a supercar just got that little bit easier

Unless your circle of friends includes overpaid footballers, celebrities or tweed loving land owners, getting your hands on an exotic super cars is pretty tricky unless you fancy a stretch at the expense of Her Majesty. Hertz car rentals has helped fill the void by offering an ever expanding range of supercar rentals to mere mortals like me and you.

Hertz currently offers some truly breathtaking vehicles for hire but expect to part with some significant coin to join the supercar elite.  Fancy a Ferrari 458 Italia for the day? 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, a top speed of 202MPH with 570 ponies powering the rear axle[1]? No problem! Prices start FROM just £826.50 per day according to their website. If you are on a budget, more affordable models include the equally epic Audi R8 Spyder. At only £450.30 per day with a tyre shredding 420 horses available from it’s 4.2 litre V8 power plant, its an absolute bargain.

Turbo-Nutters RS500 3 Door RS Cosworth tunnel run video

The Turbo-Nutters youtube channel (link to the right)  has been ticking along nicely over the last couple of years but one video in particular has been getting an awful lot of attention.

Behold Alpina’s (“Dave” to to the uninitiated” ) 3 Door RS500 Cosworth doing what it does best. The sound in this video really doesn’t do it justice. With in excess of 400BHP, the sound bellowing from the exhaust is nothing short of heavenly.

With just shy of 60,000 views this video is currently the cream of the crop in our video collection. Here’s why:

Lamborghini Veneno revealed at Geneva Motor Show. A hyper car with a hyper price tag

lamborghini veneno Lamborghini Veneno revealed at Geneva Motor Show. A hyper car with a hyper price tag

Geneva has been filled to the brim with tatty “eco” this and “fuel saving” that from manufactures all keen to jump on the green bandwagon and save the planet in the process. Lamborghini has kicked dust in the face of the eco nerds and Hypermilers by unveiling its most powerful and fastest production car to date, the Lamborghini Veneno.

The extreme styling of the Veneno is something to behold. The body is made entirely from carbon fibre with wings and vents a plently which would please even Bruce Wayne himself. Of course these radical features aren’t just to sell more bedroom wall posters, the vents and wings are vital for keeping the raging bull firmly planted on the tarmac and sufficiently cooled.

At the heart of the Veneno features its mechanical master piece, a 6.5-Liter V-12 750BHP power plant which can propel the exotic bull to 60 in 2.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 221MPH.

So what’s the price for this uber exclusive hyper car? You might want to raid the sofa as you’ll need a cool $3.4 million dollars to pick up one of the three examples that have been made.

We’re keen to see the Lamborghini Veneno in action so check back soon for the videos that should drop soon.

Read more about in the Lamborghini Veneno in the offical press release below.

British Motorists burn £2 billion by auto renewing car insurance

car insurance autorenewal 300x225 British Motorists burn £2 billion by auto renewing car insuranceAccording to a leading car insurance comparison website, British motorists are wasting a staggering £2 billion a year by allowing their car insurance policies to “auto renew”. By staying with their current insurance provider, as many as 8.7 million motorists threw away up to £300 by failing to shop about for a better deal last year alone.

Long gone are the days of flicking through the yellow pages for a better price. The internet full of companies with slick marketing, cute mascots and catchy theme tunes all offering huge savings by comparing prices from hundreds of providers at the click of a mouse. Searching for budget car insurance really isn’t the pain that it used to be so why are people wasting money in this way.

More snow and freezing conditions headed for the UK, are YOU prepared?

snow uk roads 2013 More snow and freezing conditions headed for the UK, are YOU prepared?

Just when you thought that the “cold snap” would disappear, it seems that a new wave of snow and arctic conditions are headed for the UK this weekend. Snow is forecast for the entire of the UK with Wales and the South West taking the brunt of the cold front.

In order to help survive the chaos and carnage on the UK’s roads there are few precautions and steps you should take to keep you, your family and your car safe when Jack Frost rears his ugly head.

The best piece of advise we can give you is that when conditions are bad is just don’t drive unless you really have to. Put off that trip to the supermarket or the local high street. If you are tucked up in the warmth of your own house you have little to worry about apart from making sure you have enough room on your Sky+ box for Eastenders. It really isn’t worth putting your life at risk for the sake of a pint of milk.

Teenage drivers face spiraling insurance premiums as compensation changes come into force

teenage driver Teenage drivers face spiraling insurance premiums as compensation changes come into forceTeenage motorists are facing yet another round of insurance premium rises as the way compensation is issued to victims changes.

The change in how compensation is awarded by the courts will mean that victims will be paid in regular intervals rather than in a single lump sum. This will allow fluctuations in the amount awarded if the victims condition deteriorates.

Teenagers already face record premium costs with many young drivers paying in excess of £3000 a year. It’s thought that these changes will see an additional 15 percent added onto premiums as insurers seek to cover increased costs.

Buyers hate haggling

pushy salesman haggle barter 300x238 Buyers hate hagglingA report commissioned by Recombu Cars has found that nearly one in five (19%) of British motorists hate to haggle but tough economic times are pushing them to ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

The report surveyed 2,000 people and revealed that a third (33%) of us don’t feel haggling over prices comes natural. Surprisingly, many also feel that salesmen often get the upper hand with nearly thirty percent (30%) of buyers being negatively influenced by intimidating and pushy sales people.

Rory Reid, editor of Recombu Cars, commented on the results: “In the current economic climate everyone is trying to look after the pennies and even though we might not like doing it, Brits are being forced to haggle for the best deal. Access to information online has certainly made the buying process easier and it helps shoppers get away from pushy salesmen who will do anything to get their hands on your money”.

Car insurance is a hotly contested and competitive market, buyers should be urged to haggle even when they feel they are already getting a good deal. Rather than completing the policy on-line, motorists should try and directly to their prospective car insurance provider and ask the question, however uncomfortable it may feel.

Be wary playing companies off with magical “too good to be true” figures but simply asking if there is any more they can do on the price if often enough for even a small discount. What have you got to loose?